Presentation Tips

If selected, members are given 5 MINUTES to present on behalf of the proposed nonprofit organization. Since time is so limited, planning is essential. Following are some talking points that may help as members prepare for their presentations:


1.      Start with a gripping opening line — For example: “75 women in our community are involved in a domestic violence dispute every month…”

2.      State your name and the name of the organization you would like to receive the funding.

3.      Share what the mission of the organization is.

4.      Describe the program that you would like to be funded.  Provide some background information, if possible.

5.       Identify who the funds will impact and how many.

6.      Tell how essential this program is and what our community will miss if this program does not get funded.

7.      Explain the measurements that will be used to ensure the success of this program and good use of the donation.

8.      Share what this donation will “buy” for our community.

9.      End with a heartfelt ask and a thank you.


Remember the organization must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit or a governmental entity. To check on the organization’s nonprofit status, visit Guidestar or contact the Community Foundation, (812) 232-2234.


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