The following are the rules and procedures for 100 Women Who Care Clay County.

  • Members agree to donate $500 annually for 100 Women Who Care. The first $100 serves as their membership commitment and is added to the 100 Women Who Care Clay County Community Fund in the Clay County Community Foundation. The remaining $400 is used to support the 4 nonprofit organizations selected by the group throughout the year.
  • Every paying member may propose a nonprofit to be considered for funding by entering the nonprofit’s name and the name of the member who will be speaking on behalf of the organization. If you are one of several members who want to advocate for a certain group, but you do not want to speak, you are allowed to submit the name of another member who has agreed to advocate for the organization. The speaker MUST be a member.
  • During the meeting, 3 different organizations will be drawn from all those proposed. The member whose name in on the proposal form will be asked to speak for up to 5 minutes on behalf of the identified organization. Following, there will be a 3 minute question period. During this time, only questions are allowed and only the presenter may answer the questions.
  • Present members will be asked to vote. Once the votes are tallied, all members will be asked to write their check for $100 to the organization receiving the most votes before they leave the venue. It is preferable that checks be made out to the receiving organization and not the Community Foundation. If you choose to pay by credit card, please note that there is an additional $2.56 PayPal processing fee.
  • In case of a tie, the members present shall vote again to decide which of the tied organizations shall be awarded the funding.
  • Members may send another member with their check to serve as their proxy. Individuals will not be allowed to vote by proxy without payment from the absent member either before or at the meeting.
  • Once a nonprofit organization wins at a meeting, that nonprofit may not be nominated again for the next 8 meetings (2 years). For a list of past grant recipients, click here.

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