Head Start awarded $10,600 donation


Members of 100 Women Who Care presented Brazil Head Start with a $10,600 donation.

Head Start strives to “ensure that children begin school ready to learn.” The agency provides a variety of developmentally appropriate activities to help children learn and grow. One method of doing so is through outdoor playtime.

Currently, the agency’s playground has limited space that does not allow for more than one class to play at a time. In addition, there are few shade structures. This combination leads to restricted outdoor playtime. In an effort to change that, Head Start is expanding its existing fenced-in playground to double its size. The funds from 100 Women Who Care will then be used to purchase a shade structure for the extended playground that will not only provide relief from the sun but will also serve as a play area. Site Manager, Peggy Eppert, said “The overall goal is to purchase something that provides shade for the children as well as offering us the opportunity to provide the environment for learning experiences.”

DSC_0002.JPGEppert added that she wants to go beyond recess. She wants to see the children engaged in fun, interactive activities that will help them develop. The structure it will likely purchase will be a multi-purpose shade structure that could provide an are for children to do activities like play with building blocks, put on plays or puppet shows and dance.



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